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BA Bracelet - Red 8 point star on Blue

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Ostrich Eggshell Focal inset in Hammered Metal Cuff Bracelet



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Pysanka  Bracelet -- -- Ostrich Eggshell jewelry - Ukrainian Pysanka method.  - Light Red Star with Blue

Description1 inch square ostrich eggshell is mounted in Hammered square cuff bracelet.  The eggshell is protected with a layer of environmentally safe epoxy resin (EcoPoxy).   Silver plated adjustable bracelet

✔Quantity : 1 pc

✔Color : Antique Silver

✔Nickel free and lead free

✔Metarial : Brass, Zinc Alloy Blank

✔Size : Adjustable

✔Bezel Size : 25x25mm

About the Pysanky Technique -Ukrainian Hand-Decorated Eggs are made using the ancient method of wax resist. Lines of wax are applied to the emptied eggshell, using a small tool called a "kistka". The egg is then put into a dye bath, with the wax protecting the covered shell from subsequent color changes. This process is alternately repeated (wax/dye/wax/dye). After the full design is applied, the wax is removed (by melting it over a candle flame and wiping off) to reveal the bright colors underneath. The shapes are then cut out and smoothed/sanded. Metallic and Swarowski crystal embellishments may be added before the piece is with epoxy resin. This will strengthen the piece and help protect the colors.Gift box is also included with each order.